Saturday, June 14, 2008

the who

closing time: don't you all have homes to go to ?

Possibly my favourite 45 from Acton's finest. With a great Vaudvillian turn from Mr. Moon, to boot.

THE WHO: DOGS (mono) from "Dogs b/w Call Me Lightning" 45 (Track/Polydor) 1968 (UK)

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ib said...

After my midweek rant regarding dogs in lifts it's a bit of a barefaced cheek to lead with a "heart-melting" pic like this.

Strictly speaking of course, it should be a greyhound but this image of a young pit bull terrier will suffice. Not least since it's not yet old enough to sink its fucking teeth into your calf and refuse to let go until you've bludgeoned it to death with a chair-leg.

Always carry one in a deep pocket just in case. In fact, Dope City Free Press carried a nice ad featuring telescopic police batons just the other week... Nice.