Thursday, June 5, 2008


kick out the jams
Anyone in the house from Detroit ? And this one's for Sheridan Dupre X, who I'm gravely disappointed hasn't stopped by so far. In light of last week's post on AD. Drop by and leave a comment, why don'cha ?

KICK OUT THE JAMS from "Kick Out The Jams" LP (Elektra) 1969 (US)


Anonymous said...

Not to worry, ib. Sheridan is a very busy man who works a grueling 20 hour work week and rarely has time for such frivolities. He'll be here eventually. Mark my words.

Would you believe I'd never heard this song before tonight? True story.

ib said...

I gathered that, somehow. Only the other day I was reading about how impromptu partying interfered with his golf.

Good to know you heard it here first.