Thursday, June 5, 2008

eumir deodato


Gorbals High Rise, Waddell Court: 1960's
This one's for Emmett. Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in 1973.

EUMIR DEODATO: SKYSCRAPERS from "Deodato 2" LP (CTI) 1973 (US)



Mike said...

I am liking this. Funky! I wonder what TV pilot this appeared on and never made it to syndication.

Anonymous said...

Nice. As I probably mentioned somewhere, I had the pleasure of seeing Eumir live in Paris last spring. One of the highlights was his version of Rhapsody in Blue, which I believe is from this album? At any rate I don't have the album though, so thx for this!

ib said...

mike: Cool! It does sound like it should've appeared on a Starsky and Hutch spin-off ; or, better still, something a tad more moribund - "Son of Ironside" ?

emmett: I remember reading this information on AD and being consumed with envy."Deoadato 2" is the dog's bollocks! The remastered and expanded edition on Columbia Legacy contains not only "Super Strut" but also a bonus mix of "Latin Flute" - both of which were deployed to great effect on 'GTA III: San Andreas'.

Emmett said...

There are some good songs in the those GTA soundtracks, huh. I'm not a video-gamer myself, but I have been known to check the playlists for that game.

ib said...

The GTA soundtracks are ace ; I've found a few (usually Latin) tracks on there I've been unfamiliar with, and they've prompted me to dig much deeper.

My son's great taste in fusion & latin vibes comes directly from those games, and I'm hugely proud that the developer, Rockstar, has its roots in Scotland. Our biggest export since the very first bootleggers worked out how to distil whisk(e)y!

I've been known to stick in a game on my kids' Playstation and just idle in the car switching 'radio stations'!