Monday, June 9, 2008

communiqué #3

Having closely monitored site activity on SibLINGSHOT over the past week - hunched over my keyboard like a rat catcher on commission - I can safely announce that the post which received both the highest turnover of pages and plays was THE PRETTY THINGS. This is great news in that it proves beyond doubt that visitors here possess good taste, but a little surprising in that the post received zero comments.

Come on, chaps. If you like something leave a comment. Sounds fair ?

To all those who did comment, who were either stoned or inebriated enough to massage my ego, god bless you! There is a mouldy Jaffa Cake and a glass of Buckfast up for grabs for the first brave soul who parachutes down and carves their initials in the grass.



Anonymous said...

hey ib, looking good from this view,do you do requests? yeah i know yor not some sort of top of the pops radio request site but i think if you post 'rocket man' by elton john you would find something intresting to write to go with it!

Mike said...

Comments tend to be few and far between, unfortunately... some of our most popular tracks, based on hits, received no comments at all. Go figure. We live in a world where people only have time to take, take, take and move on.

ib said...

New to this as I am, it is strange and frustrating. I had no idea the ratio of hits to comments could be so off beam. More experienced bloggers will be all be going - "Ha! Welcome to the real world".

Thanks, mike. Good to get some suport.