Friday, June 27, 2008

teenage fanclub

school's out.

It's Friday. The weekend looms large. And here in Scotland, school's out for the summer holidays. Hooray ! So here's two from Glasgow's finest.

Listen out for the twisted Big Staresque guitar solo that closes "The Concept", with echoes too of The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love". Beautiful. This is for Art Decade's Big B, who seems to have slipped off the face of the planet recently. Where are you, dude ?

If you don't already own this album, I would seriously consider rectifying that sad situation.

TEENAGE FANCLUB: THE CONCEPT from "Bandwagonesque" LP/CD (Creation) 1992 (UK)

TEENAGE FANCLUB: STAR SIGN from "Bandwagonesque" LP/CD (Creation) 1992 (UK)



Your driver said...

I know I like to use this spot to tell long winded stories, but let me take a break to say, you've put up a bunch of great music here. Let me see if I can't continue the conversation with some good stuff at my end. Thanks bro'.

ib said...

You're welcome. Your comments are always appreciated and eloquent. One trait we share (among others) is a tendency to the verbose. But never anything less than informed and entertaining, in my opinion.

davyh said...

School's out in Scotland?! We have another three weeks to go! Curses!

I love TF...'Songs From Northern Britain' especially.

Happy holidays!

ib said...

Thanks, Davy. Yeah, that's the way of it up here: three weeks earlier to break-up for summer, but three weeks earlier going back. Take your pick!

The worse thing for kids up here if the weather is bad is that all the TV channels run on an English schedule ; so no children's holiday specials for us!

ib said...

Have you seen the mess that is Holyrood ? It's hard enough as it is keeping a focus on the deviant deal mongering which takes place daily in Westminster!