Saturday, June 14, 2008

grateful dead

through a scanner darkly.

"The phrase seems to have come to the English language by way of the astronomers who spoke Middle High German, who in turn borrowed it from Latin, translating the phrase "stella obscura", used by Roman astronomers to describe a faint star."

Recorded at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, 1968.

GRATEFUL DEAD: DARK STAR from "Two From The Vault" 2 x CD (Grateful Dead Records) 1992 (US)



ib said...

I have a few versions of "Dark Star", over and above the "Live/Dead" double LP but only a couple of extremely abbreviated versions from the Dick's Picks series - on Dick's Picks Vol.16 - much like the original 45 edit.

If any deadheads out there have any recommendations regards Dick's Picks, specific to this song, i'd be interested in hearing from you.

My knowledge on the Dead is sketchy, to be blunt.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. You know this conversation can go on all day, and is going on all day as we speak, at messageboards all over the world.

As a rather hardcore Dead fan I still say the Live Dead version is the best, but 2-13-70 (Fillmore East) is another highly regarded version (that's on a Dick's Picks); I also like 9-19-70 (also Fillmore East; performed the night after Jimi Hendrix died), 5-26-70 Bickershaw Festival, England (I might be wrong on the date there), and 9-21-72 (Philly). Stream them here:

ib said...

The hat is tipped, Emmett. Thanks for the pointers.

I wasn't just taking a leaf out of Sheridan Dupre X's "Leading Questions for Sharp Salesmen", but the thought had definitely occurred to me.

I'm gonna stream this one right now.

Mike said...

Don't do it! You are going to lose years of your life! It's worse than blogging.

Zoooma said...

ib -- I've got one particular Dark Star that's worth a look, well, they all are worth a look but on my blog I've got posted 1/23/70 Honolulu and the Dark Star that show is.... man, it's gone and out there! Good stuff. Feel free to stop and by and give 'er a download.

Zoooma said...

ib said...

Thanks for thaking the time, zooomabooma ; I'm going to definitely check this show out.

Nice site. Alaska looks like it's working for you despite the pangs for New Jersey. Hope you don't mind, but I've taken the liberty of adding you to our "honorary" links. Cheers!