Tuesday, June 3, 2008

roy harper

ROY HARPER: ANOTHER DAY from "Flat, Baroque and Berserk" LP (Harvest EMI) 1970 (UK)



davyh said...

It is a work of staggering beauty and my 2nd most played track in iTunes (after Richard Hawley's 'Coles Corner')!

ib said...

Hey, Davy H! Glad to see you back. I remember looking in on your site a while back and notcing your fondness for Roy Harper.

I love "Hallucinating Light" almost as much as this one, but not quite. I have to confess I haven't yet heard Richard Hawley yet. When my son was in nursey school I remember a sea of blank faces on the staff when I made a reference to "Pogle's Wood" and "The Herbs" ; I'm that out of touch!

Anonymous said...

i believe Flat Baroque and Berserk is due for a CD reissue sometime in June. or did it come out already?

looking great so far. oh i'll be around.

ib said...

Cheers, Brendan!