Friday, June 13, 2008

incredible string band

peel me.

My celtic sibling, Robbie Williamson's paean to wan lit alabaster skin. And looking back sideways through time.

THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: FIRST GIRL I LOVED from "5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion" (Elektra) 1967 (UK)



Your driver said...

My, aren't we a pair of elderly gentlemen? I remember this song from my very young youth. I look forward to hearing it again. I also used to own a copy of that Ruts 45. (I think) I know I had a Ruts 45 on that label. Wasn't that the one that was sold as a twofer package with a 45 by Misty? Sold it when I parted with all of my vinyl. I've always felt OK about selling off all of my punk vinyl. It went to the Epicenter Zone, a community center/all ages club/record store run by the Maximum Rock and Roll folks. Where ever those records went next, they went to someone who appreciated them.

ib said...

Hats off to you, Jon. I've always felt hugely uneasy about giving my vinyl away. Don't mind when it comes to CDs, though ; somehow they've never felt "real". It is good for the soul to spring clean once in a while, I'll grant you...

The Ruts 45 probably was packaged as a 2 for 1 with Misty in the US. My copy definitely was a single issue, though.

Anonymous said...

Funny story, ib. Yesterday I received in the mail a back issue of Vanity Fair (November 2003), which I had read before and lost. I re-acquired it b/c there's a feature in which David Bowie lists 25 of his more obscure fave albums. 5000 Layers is one of them. Here's what Bowie had to say:

"O.K., here's the album with the trippiest cover. Color's all over the place on this one, a real eye dazzler. Probably executed by the art group known as "the Fool." Pretty much locked into a time capsule for many years--it's uplifting to find that this strange assortment of Middle Eastern and Celtic folk-mystic stuff stands up remarkably well now. A summer-festival "must" in the 60s, myself and T. Rexer Marc Bolan both being huge fans."

--straight from the horse's mouth

ib said...

Synchronicity is afoot, Emmett!

Nice quote. Speaking of the horse's mouth, do you remember what Bowie's teeth were like before his bank account grew in seeming tandem with cutting edge dentistry ? Not a pretty sight, I seem to recall ; and look at him now!

Ozzy Osbourne, too.

The cover to "5000 Spirits" is quite trippy, in a cartoony way ; it's a bit like the back to the original cover of "Man Who Sold The World", which makes more sense having read this excerpt from Vanity Fair.

I always liked Bowie. T.Rex as well.