Monday, June 23, 2008

curtis mayfield

buddah curtis.

This post is inspired, in part, by Jon's previous comment expressing more than a passing admiration for this man's gigantic talent.

The soundtrack album "Superfly" was recorded at RCA Studios in Chicago, Illinois, with the notable exception of this one track which was laid down at Bell Sound Studios, New York City.

A cautionary tale, but what a sinuous vibe.

CURTIS MAYFIELD: PUSHERMAN from "Superfly" LP (Buddah/Curtom) 1972 (US)



Your driver said...

I'm somewhat annoyed because I've been trying to post some lesser known Curtis Mayfield stuff. He's had a ton of albums reissued. I bought several from iTunes. Unfortunately, that means that they're in Apple's protected format, and I can't upload them. I'll have to convert them to another format and then do it. Pusherman is so brilliant, so filled with cool rage. It seethes.

ib said...

That iTunes protected format is a bitch. You've already paid for it and it screws you're right to play it on other media. The only two complete albums I have of Mayfield are "Roots" and "Superfly". Not too unusual, though. If you e-mail me I can send you back a link to download from.
Also, you try to reconvert them to MP3 in iTunes and see if that strips them of the protection shit.

Your driver said...

Well, the 'simplest' work around that I know is to copy the song to a disc and then upload the file from the disc.

ib said...

I think the same holds true if you transfer them onto any external media and then back. An external firewire hard drive would be the quickest way to to it in batch.